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Oblivion Forum, Oblivion
The Elder Scrolls IV : Oblivion
Mannimarco, the King (and now host) of Worms
God Im going to die if I dont get help 
21st-Jun-2009 08:53 pm
      I loooove Oblivion. It became my life. Until it stopped fucking working!!!!!!!!!!!! I had to uninstall it to fix a problem, and then reinstall it. Guess whaat happened when I tried to reinstall it. It loaded fine till it got o the little picture of those damned imps that are all over Kvatch(Krotch?). Then it just instantly stops and says theres an I/O device error. WHAT THE HELL? somebody help me. Ill go on a bloody rampage if i cant play oblivion again! I dont care if I cant get my old saves back. I didnt have much anyway and I lived in BlackRock Caverns and the only expensive item i had was the boots of Springheel Jak. And Im willing to cheat to get them again.
22nd-Jun-2009 03:10 am (UTC)
Make sure your keyboard/mouse is plugged in properly? I have no experience with PC gaming, unfortunately...

...maybe it's time to play Fallout 3? Hehe ;D
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