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Hi.  Although I'm new here, I've been playing Oblivion since literally only days after it was released.  I play on PC, and now on PS3 too, but I prefer the PC because I can use downloaded content.

Which brings me to the weirdness.

Over the course of the first year after Oblivion was released, I found a half-dozen mods that I liked so much they became part of my standard load for starting a new game.  Nothing terribly "cheating" - just like putting basements in all the PC-owned houses for storage, adding a set of leather armor that looked like "Xena Warrior Princess" for female characters, - well, you get the idea.

Late last year, my PC had a motherboard failure that also killed one of the 3 internal hard drives.  At the time, my attention was (understandably) on getting the PC back in operation.  I hadn't played most of my PC games for a couple of years, so I didn't think to look at them.

Last week, I decided to fire up Oblivion on the PC.  First, I had to install everything.  Fortunately, I had the original game discs, so it wasn't a terrible problem - until I went looking for my favorite mods.  The folder I had kept the install files in was gone.  So I went out on the internet looking for them, and the mods I was using 3 years ago don't exist today.  There are some good Oblivion mods out there, sure, but not the ones that I remember playing with.

All I can think of is that perhaps the mods I liked weren't all that popular with other gamers, and got pulled.  It's either that, or I'm living in an alternate time-line where the mods I liked 3 years ago (in my reality) were never written (in this reality).  Nah, what are the odds of THAT happening to a gamer?  lol

Oh, and another thing - after installing the official patch that was released on the Knights of the Nine disc, my Oblivion Construction Set won't load the Oblivion.esm file anymore.  I'm getting an error message that says the Oblivion.esm file is newer than what the Construction Set can load.  Is there a fix for that?
6th-Feb-2011 03:40 pm(no subject)
Hello, I'm a big time fan of The Elder Scrolls series, and I begun at Daggerfall. Personally I enjoy Morrowind the best, but Oblivion is still one of my all time favorite games. If anybody is interested I have an article on Skyrim in my journal. See ya.
16th-Sep-2010 11:52 pm(no subject)
Hey guys, new member here. I have a level 63 Argonian, I keep dropping my major skills with jail time. However now I really screwed myself over because now my minor skills are under 10. Whoops.

Anyone else on the quest to reach insanely high levels? I was capped at 51.
SimBellatrix sez WTF mate?!
I recently upgraded my PC to windows 7 32 bit professional. I saved my installer files for purchased DLC for Elder Scrolls: Oblivion. I get the following error when trying to install the DLC:

Error Number: 0x80040702
Failed to load: bethsec

Has anyone had similar problems with Oblivion after upgrading to Windows 7? I saved all my installers and product codes, but the Downloads site seems to have been down for a while and there's no indication on when it will be back up.
11th-Oct-2009 09:49 pm - Dementia's doors
MSPA - Arstse
/New poster is go!
Hi, everyone. :> Er, first post here, so... Yeah.
Uh, anyway, I was having some trouble earlier. I have the Shivering Isles expansion for the 360, and got to Passwall, ect... When I was about to enter Dementia, my game froze. Every time I tried going into Dementia, it kept freezing. (Of course, I ended up entering Bliss instead.) I was wondering if anyone else had this problem? It only happened when I was about to enter through the front gate, and it stopped after I'd gone through Bliss.
31st-Aug-2009 04:18 pm - Necromancey??
Just One Tomato
Hey there folks, I have a question.
In any of the Elder Scrolls games, is Necromancey ever explicitly explained?
How do they control the dead bodies?
Do they capture their souls in Black Soul Gems, and then use those gems to control the corpse they leave behind?
Do they even attempt to explain what it is they appear to be doing to the dead bodies on the alters in the various Necromancer dungeons?

I'm very curious.
      I loooove Oblivion. It became my life. Until it stopped fucking working!!!!!!!!!!!! I had to uninstall it to fix a problem, and then reinstall it. Guess whaat happened when I tried to reinstall it. It loaded fine till it got o the little picture of those damned imps that are all over Kvatch(Krotch?). Then it just instantly stops and says theres an I/O device error. WHAT THE HELL? somebody help me. Ill go on a bloody rampage if i cant play oblivion again! I dont care if I cant get my old saves back. I didnt have much anyway and I lived in BlackRock Caverns and the only expensive item i had was the boots of Springheel Jak. And Im willing to cheat to get them again.
So, quick question:

I'm playing on an Xbox360 and I've dumped around 60 hours into the game. Woke up this morning thinking i'd waste another day avoiding the light of day only to find, both of my freakin' saves are corrupted!

Has this happened to anyone else? It's happened a few times before, but only to one file. As it's loading, the bar will freeze and the music stops. Makes me want to punch my head through the tv.

I just don't want to start all over. I was up to 35, I had 300000+ gold, just about to start the expansions for the first time... so bummed, so bummed.

Anything I can do to salvage this?
7th-Apr-2009 09:55 am - Writeable Books
Good morning!

I'm looking for a specific mod -- one that allows the player to write books in-game. So far, all I can find is "Book Writing 1.0", by one Darth_Binare. This mod, however, merely lets you click on a quill, and then a book appears in your inventory entitled The Escaped Prisoner.

S/He said that he was working on the 2.0 version of his/r mod which would allow properly writeable books, but that was a couple of years ago, and I can't find anything called "Book Writing 2.0" -- I assume the project's been abandoned.

So, I was wondering -- do any of you know of any mods that allow in-game writeable books? Does anyone know if the 2.0 version is lurking around somewhere? Finally, does anyone know what mod this video depicts, and where one can get it?

Much appreciated, thanks in advance!

8th-Nov-2008 12:44 pm - Return to Oblivion
Me Happy
  Return to Oblivion

    Recently I picked up Oblivion again after having played Fable 2 and such. I still very much enjoy the game, but having beat it before it's replay seems mechanical to me. I like to consider it a staying power of the game that I would even desire to play it after all this time. In an effort to bring some closure to the game and this forum I will be writing a short leveling guide, and any suggestions would be appreciated.

    For me, proper leveling became such a concern that I found myself at level 23 and I had only done a few mages guild missions. Anything that talks can be almost instantly murdered. Concepts such as money, personality, disposition, equipment conditions, disease and breathing are all irrelevent. And that's just by playing the game as intended, no glitches. It seems almost mundane at this point. I'm not even looking forward to completing any of the missions! If there's anything I could ask of the next Elder Scrolls game it would be for it to be an MMORPG. I can't lord my bad-assness over ANYTHING, and ultimatley I just want to play other games that have real people to talk to. Hence this forum. Maybe someday Jenova Mantooth will be able to say 'hello' to you from the Elder Scrolls universe...

    Running this forum has been a fantastic experiance that I appreciated very much. I would like to thank anyone who has ever posted for your contributions. I encourage anyone who has a question about the game to continue posting as I still regularly view this forum from my website, JenovaMantooth.com. I also removed the posts from this guy who had a very off-putting avatar. Apologies to anyone who had comments there, I just really didn't want to look at the eye-ball grossness anymore!

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6th-Jul-2008 02:07 pm - my computer sucks :P
Devo Mutato
I've pretty much done everything I can to make my laptop as efficient as possible. It still comes down to having a game barely run with crappy looking graphics, or the game looking somewhat okay and get an FPS of 3-5.

It definately runs better when it looks bad, but I get sick of seeing it that way. I'm also tired of taking 30 seconds just to turn around.

I'm considering upgrading my laptop to the minimum specs for Oblivion at least. My other option is to get something new, laptop or desktop. Right now, anything is an improvement: My computer is WAY underpowered below the minimum, so anything would be an improvement. It even looks like warmed over crap on Oldblivion, to give you an idea of how underpowered it is.

So, which would be better: different computer, or see about improving this one? Said improvements will include ridding this thing of Vista.
5th-May-2008 12:47 pm - Question on screen-making
Hi everyone!
Me again, needing help, lol :) Does anyone happen to know how to make the in-game console icons disappear (as such, life, magicka, map etc.) when making sreenshots? I have some really beautiful ones but those icons spoil them... I would much appreciate it if you could - again - help me.
Thanks in advance. 
26th-Apr-2008 08:11 pm - Audio Issues
I'm hoping someone can give me a hand with this. I'm looking for more of a glitch-fix than plot or quest help.

I installed it, patched it, installed mods (that all worked the last time I played it) and everything went perfectly. But once I started the game in the dungeon after character creation, the sound went all wonky. Instead of dialogue or music, it was all loud farty glitchy noise, that changed in pitch and loudness depending on where I walked or who was supposed to be talking.

I tried uninstalling the whole game, reinstalling it, and running it with no mods, and still the same problem. I even fucked with the .ini file and changed the values for bDSoundHWAcceleration, bUseSoftwareAudio3D, and bMusicEnabled, but nothing worked. I tried updating my sound drivers, and same thing. Hell, I even restarted my computer and turned off all extraneous programs, and no change.

What the hell. I want to play my game, preferably WITHOUT going deaf in the first ten minutes. I have no idea what the issue is - only that I know other people have complained of sound glitches with Oblivion. What pisses me off is that the last time I played it (on another computer), it worked perfectly all the way through.

*sigh* If anyone knows how I can fix this, please let me know. My specs are as follows:
AMD Athlon 64 3500+ 2.2 GHz
GeForce 7600GS video card
Creative SB Live! audio card

It should be more than enough to handle Oblivion on the highest settings, but evidently something is incompatible (or on the wrong setting). If it helps any, I did notice a SLIGHT difference when I set the resolution lower, but I refuse to run the game in 600x800 res when I have a 1280x1024 screen.

18th-Apr-2008 11:17 am(no subject)

Thanks to all who responded. I'm running short of time at the moment but as soon as I get a chance I'll make use of all the advice. Thanks :)

15th-Apr-2008 11:08 am - need help questing

Hello, everybody.
I thought there were some Oblivion professionals among you, so I figured you guys could help. In the quest  "Canvas the castle", the furthest I've got is I've discovered a strange painting (I think it was in the West Tower of the castle). What to do afterwards, I have no idea. I've checked all the suspects including the Countess but found nothing. Do I need to look more carefully?

8th-Apr-2008 10:42 am - Favorite House Mod
If you like house mods then you should definately download Ancient Towers. It has EVERYTHING. One of my favorite features is the labeled storage since I'm such a pack rat. However I can't imagine playing without the teleport maps. Don't forget to grab the teleport home spell from the laboratory before you leave!
21st-Mar-2008 05:04 pm - The adoring fan becomes a book
*warning, contains some profanity*
20th-Mar-2008 05:59 pm - Intro
Black Rose
I go through phases with Oblivion. I picked it up again this time and ended up getting the expansion too. But now I have finally done the expansion and all the official plug-ins and so I am back to refreshing the mod forums every 5 minutes.

I also got to try out The Lost Spires which wasn't released last time I played. I definitely recommend it.

Anywho, I just wanted to introduce myself. I decided to start an Oblivion gallery in my scrapbook and my first screenshot for it is my character. You can check him out here.
7th-Mar-2008 02:02 pm - Question on Mythic Dawn
 Hello, everybody! Can anyone tell me whether I can join the Mythic Dawn if I have already finished the main quest? If yes (hopefully so), where can I find them? Thanks in advance.
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